Your Pet’s Dream Stay

At GoDog, all of our services are configurable and customizable. We offer lots of options so that your pet or pet family may enjoy the experience that is perfectly fit for them. Whether you’re here to vacation with us in our boarding facility, burn off some energy in daycare, enjoy a spa treatment, or brush up on some of your obedience skills at BEHAVE, we’ve got you covered at GoDog.

The Options


GoDog: Play

Enroll your dog in our GoDog:PLAY daycare program and give your dog their dream day. Dogs are pack animals and LOVE being able to play off-leash in a supervised environment. Daycare serves as a fantastic opportunity for exercise and structured socialization – both valuable gifts your pup deserves.  A tired dog is a happy dog (and a happy owner)!

  • In-ground, saltwater filtered pools
  • Dog playground equipment
  • Temperament test is required and included in first visit

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GoDog dog bed illustration

GoDog: Stay

Leaving your buddy is never easy. Rest assured, they’re in good hands. We have boarding rooms of all sizes that can accommodate dogs of all sizes, to include larger rooms equipped to handle full families that wish to board together. We offer Lofts, The Townhomes, The Big Houses, and The Mansions. In the spirit of Nashville, we also offer 5 ‘Music Row’ Suites, come check out ‘The Willie’ or ‘The Dolly’ and see what Premier Pet Hospitality is really all about!

  • Medical-grade HVAC system that produces 100% fresh, outside filtered air at all times in the facility
  • Opportunities for multiple daily potty breaks and interaction with our loving staff
  • Sanitizing wet/vac systems throughout so our borders may always enjoy  fresh, clean surroundings

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Read our checklist to prepare for your STAY

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GoDog: Bathe

Play hard, come home clean.  Our staff absolutely loves delivering fresh, clean dogs back to their parents, and it is the perfect way to round out your dog’s stay.

  • Range of grooming services to include basic exit baths to deluxe baths
  • Nail trims, nail grinds, deluxe shampoos and conditioners, and full brush-outs
  • Ultra-cool GoDog bandanas included!

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GoDog collar illustration

GoDog: Behave

Your dog is a member of your family, and they should behave as such! Our Real Life Manners Obedience program can be tailor fit to most any behavioral situation and budget. Our staff consists of world class trainers with a deep passion for all things canine.

  • 1, 2, or 3 week immersive Board & Train programs with owner consultation and feedback.
  • Daycare is included FREE in your BEHAVE package to provide some playtime when the dog is not working
  • A la carte add-on days or freshen-ups are available to continue progress

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Add Ons


You’re on vacation, live it up, pamper them a bit!

Kong Toy

Who doesn’t love a peanut butter filled kong after a long day of playing? 

Frozen Treats

Like a pina colada, for dogs! 

Extra Play

One on One playtime with a loving staff member from GoDog:STAY

Extra Cuddles

One on One playtime with a loving staff member from GoDog:STAY

Camera Access

Tune in to see your buddy snuggling up at night, or running around daycare during the day


Dogs aren’t the only ones that get to enjoy their stay here, enter GoCat!

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GoDog Social


Join the coolest (dog) party in town! Get access to a beautifully manicured off-leash dog park & bar complete with washing stations, canine turf that never gets muddy, tons of new friends, drink specials, and more!

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