Premier Pet Hospitality

We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to worry. Our campuses are designed from the ground up with every detail in mind in order to provide your pet with the most comfortable and enjoyable stay possible.


  • 1 Quality Care Our staff members have their dream jobs. Taking care of animals is what we’re passionate about, and passion speaks volumes in the product that we always strive to deliver.
  • 2 Cleanliness  We’ve invested in design and products that give our staff the tools to keep our campus looking, feeling, and smelling as good as the day we opened. 
  • 3 Fun!  Our goal is for your pets to love to come back. Our staff takes every measure to ensure your dog is lovingly cared for, played with, and stimulated in a way that creates lasting value for both you and your pet.



Fresh Air

We have a medical-grade HVAC system and air filters. Our air handling system provides 100% OUTSIDE air on every cycle. There is no re-circulation of air, and quiet fans throughout the facility provide circulation of FRESH air at all times. We understand and invest in the health of our animals by providing the best system possible to mitigate any potential spread of communicable illnesses.

Take a Look

Optional live video for our GoDog:STAY rooms. Gain access to a private live stream of your dog while they’re with us to see what they’re up to! Tune in to watch our ever fascinating PLAY yards to watch your buddy enjoy their day.

Take a Dip

Our 20’ salt water filtered in-ground pool is the perfect way to cool off and relax on a warm day. With each separate PLAY yard having individual access, all dogs of all sizes can enjoy a supervised day at the pool.

Clean as a Whistle

We installed a built-in hot water wet/vac/sanitizing cleaning system. This system ensures sanitization from the moment it’s needed. In pet care, there is no substitution for cleanliness, and we’ve given our employees the tools to properly keep our facility, and thus the pets we care for, the clean and comfortable environment they deserve.

Sure Footed

Epoxy floors with canine grip throughout the building add yet another level of detail. The floors were scrupulously considered – with the right amount of grip, yet not too rigid as to cause discomfort on their paws, each dog can be sure footed and confident while here with us.

PLAY inside and out.

Our GoDog:PLAY yards feature antimicrobial turf specifically designed for canine use. All different size groups have continual access between cool indoor and outdoor areas during the day, so wherever they choose to hang out, they’ll be comfortable.



Join the coolest (dog) party in town! Get access to a beautifully manicured off-leash dog park & bar complete with washing stations, canine turf that never gets muddy, tons of new friends, drink specials, and more!

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